my machine learning project

learn to understand machine learning


  • I don’t want to be dependent on cloud ai!
  • I wan’t to understand what the future brings and how I can use new possibilities.


  • running code for object and face recognition
  • ideas to use ai in my iot architecture


  • find a ebook with code samples
  • play with the technology



  • play inside a vm, it is no fun to play on windows
  • or make your own docker image 🙂
  • jupyter notebooks are cool
  • I love to visualize the learning progress
  • object detection without a GPU is slow, if you want accurate results
  • there are many trained models ready to use with tensorflow

open items:

  • finish docker image for object detection rest-service and use it to refine motion detection from netcam
  • buy a new home lab server with GPU (?) or use google vision kit