Easter Egg Painting -> easter bunny 2.0

There are so many projects, I would like to do and there is little time to make them all…

One of these projects is the eggbot, designed by Evil Mad Scientist.


I found a DIY version on thingiverse and built it with my daughter: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1683764

And hooray….

My daughter screwed all the parts together, organized the wires and made some nice drawings (better, than I could do).

webthings (mozilla iot)

Did I get it right?

Sometimes you rub your eyes and think, did I really get it?

This happened to me when I looked at mozilla iot aka webthings.

What is mozilla webthings really? You get software, where you can integrate different IOT systems (e.g. zwave, mysensors…) and have a UI where you can define rules.

I digged down to the api and didn’t find anything about security….

There are example sketches for esp8266 or esp32 to implement webthings that don’t need a gateway to webthings. When looking at the source code, you rub your eyes and ask:

Where is the enxryption of the communication channel (e.g. https)?

Where is the authentication (e.g. basic auth, or at least key hashed requests)?

Maybe I am blind (or I am getting to old…) … investigate yourself… 🙂

Comments are welcome…