If I were the designer of the new Prusa CoreXY printer

I would consider

  • to check filament movement and detect jams
  • to use TMC 2209 with sensorless homing
  • to use dual z-axis with G34
  • to use something like a mosquito or a dragon hotend (V6 are a pain if you wan’t to change nozzles and the cooling is inferior to other designs)
  • to use a change tool mount like https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3369444
  • not putting the belts unprotected on the top (not like the design of the Tronxy X5SA Pro)
  • make it rock solid like the Prusa i3 mk3s I have
  • use all the cool features of the i3 mk3s (like magnetic powder coated PEI sheet or the direct drive extruder)
  • having the possibility to easily attach walls to make a heated chamber
  • offering differrent sizes: normal like the i3 mk3s, large (330x330x400), extra large (400x400x500)

and to use me and myself as betatesters… 🙂

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