improved cheap ntp stratum 1 server

The cheap stratum ntp server based on ESP8266 turned out as unstable. I’m not sure, if it is a hardware or a software problem.  The module suddenly hangs and then sometimes the watchdog is triggering and sometimes only a poweroff and poweronn will get the wifi connection up again. I had similar problems with my secure esp8266 sensor node. It seems, that the problems are more often with many data transmitted via serial interface.

I have adapted my arduino code to be used with an ESP32 and made a prototype with this platform. Time will show, if this solves all the stability problems.



2 thoughts on “improved cheap ntp stratum 1 server”

  1. Markus,

    What GPS module did you use for this project?

    Wast it the same GPS module as you used for the ESP8266 project ?

    I ask as a reference in case I use a different GPS I know which one you used to enable any changes that need to be made in code should I try this. I have been giving some thought to a GPS time source, but have not made any decision as yet if I will do so.

  2. John,

    sorry for the late reply. Your comment was in the spam folder….

    I used a NEO 6M module. However I was not really satisfied with jitter. I may try with some ethernet esp32 modules from olimex.

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