OSS gem motioneye

Over the last 20 years I used many different video surveillance software.

I started with open source software on linux (motion), then switched to Surveillance Station on a Synology nas.

After that I changed from Synology to Qnap and Surveillance Station was not available back then. I switched to Netcam Studio which is really nice, but requires windows.

QVR Pro from Qnap evolved and is quite usable. Unfortunately it only supports motion detection on two cameras. I was playing with the QVR API to inject motion events with PIR sensors and motion events detected by other software.

The circle closes here, as I stumbled over motion again. motion is quite clumsy to configure. Looking for a configuration tool I found motioneye. Motioneye is a open source surveillance software based on motion. It has all the features I need and its motion detection is much more powerful and flexible than the one from QVR.

motioneye is a real OSS gem and replaced QVR Pro within 2 days… 😀

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