Point devices from minut.com with API troubles

When you buy IOT devices, that can only be accessed via cloud api, you have to think about

  • Internet connection problems
  • API changes
  • shut down of API

I have written an article on this topic some time ago:


Today the API problem hit me with my point devices from https://minut.com/

Inspite of the outdated API documentation at https://api.minut.com/draft1/docs/ (e.g. ambient light IR readings do not work), I managed to get temperature, humidity, barometer and soundlevel readings with a node-red flow. Today I got an eMail, that my traffic to the API is to high and they blocked my account.

Maybe it is time to hack the device as I did with my sonoff dual https://itead.freshdesk.com/support/discussions/topics/11000006870

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