Update 5 on Jun 22, 2020: Build log Tronxy X5SA Pro

Powder coated spring steel sheet arrived: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000209870583.htm

It is so nice to use. Big prints can be removed just by bending the plate. Well done!

I don’t understand, that someone would build a printer without a removable flexible build plate (thanks Josef :)) today. There is at least one much hyped printer on kickstarter that doesn’t have one…. 🙂 (And influencers may be paid for hyping it?)

Yes, I know I have to improve cable management… 🙂

Update 4 on Jun 18, 2020: Build log Tronxy X5SA Pro

Mosquito clone integrated into my build:


Added 3D Touch sensor. To use it for Z-homing, I had to use the predefined Z-min endstop pins and couldn’t use the pins provided by the SKR 1.4 board for BL Touch. I think, there is a bug in the version of Marlin I use.

Added extra stepper driver for each Z-motor. For the Z-axis alignment I use the 3DTouch sensor with Marlin G34.

Added BMG extruder clone.

And blown a 10A fuse…. 🙂

Update 3 on May 20, 2020: Build log Tronxy X5SA Pro

The SKR 1.4 Turbo board and 4.5 TFT E3.0 display arrived and replaced the Tronxy controller and display. I mounted the controller on the right side of the printer, as I intend to close the build chamber.

With the tmc 2209 drivers I do not need the endstop switches anymore. The inductive probe can be used for probing and Z-endstop (I had to solder a zener diode). It is WIP and there is much left to do. Here is my first benchy with the new controller (1 mm nozzle):

Problems with ABL and Octoprint are now gone…. 🙂

If you interested in my marlin configuration, here is my fork: https://github.com/FotoFieber/Marlin

Update 2 on May 9, 2020: Build log Tronxy X5SA Pro

What a cool idea: a Quick Tool Change found on https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3369444

I adapted it to the Tronxy X5SA Pro https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4337090

Then I remixed my remix of the V6 hotend for this Quick Tool Change https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4345021

Inspired by all the ideas I found on thingiverse, I tried to print petg….

The build surface peeled completely off the build plate at 85 degree celsius. 🙁

(I have some blobs in my print too. The 1 mm nozzle must be tuned in in Cura.)

I sanded the surface down and try now with glue stick:

And then the filament run out and the chitu controller didn’t signal it to octoprint….

It is high time, the orders from china arrive:

  • new build surface
  • skr 1.4 turbo controller

Update 1 on april 22, 2020: Build log Tronxy X5SA Pro

Printed some nice drawers for my screws and nuts. Z-leveling is a pain as the two z-axes always get out of sync. I found a fix for the Tronxy X5SA https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4297432 and adapted it for my setup: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4305634

The problems with octoprint may be fixed with a new plugin: https://plugins.octoprint.org/plugins/fixcbdfirmware/

The build plate is worn out, the coating peels off. I now print with a cooler heat bed and wait until it is cold, before I take the prints off. Hopefully the z-axis fix does bring a further relief.