using ntp on my qnap nas with my self made stratum 1 server

Playing with my new ntp stratum 1 server I had to dig deeper into configurations of different devices. Most of them have a simple possibility to add some ntp servers but they don’t offer advanced parameters. Under the hood I found often a standard ntpd implementation with an ntp.conf file. And that implementation would offer so many features you can’t activate with the offered web-interface. Examples here are EdgerouterLite, QNAP NAS and VMWARE ESXi.

On the qnap nas you first set time sync to manual. Then you configure the ntp server in the webui. Here you can’t add a sync source. WTF!

You can edit the ntp configuration with

Here is my configuration:

You can stop ntpd

Check if it has stopped

You can start it with

You can then test the setup with:

Be prepared to do these modifications after firmware upgrades or if you change settings in the QNAP admin UI.

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